Instructions for Labioplasty



    Please read the full Preparing for Surgery instructions, as these are additional instructions.


Wear 100% cotton shorts or underwear to procedure and bring along feminine pads.  Do not wear tampons.

After surgery, you will go home with same undergarment along with pads.  Ice bags will be applied in recovery room.

This should continue after you go home - you can rest in bed or in large comfortable lounge chair.

Apply ice bags to area intermittently for 24 to 48 hours.

Urination is in shower or with squirt bottle (please take with you if you go briefly out of your home).  This is to avoid prolonged exposure of surgical area to urine, and keep the labia clean and dry.  pat dry gently after cleansing.

No sex or tampon use for 4 - 6 weeks.

Avoid spandex or non - cotton underwear to minimize risk of yeast infection.

Take antibiotics as prescribed.

No horseback or bike riding for 6 weeks.

When in private settings at home, occasional frog leg under a sheet to allow air drying.

You will see Dr. Afifi at regular intervals so please allow her to clear you before sexual activity and excercising.

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